A Reputation for Creativity and Innovation

Mark is widely recognised as one of the most creative and innovative lighting and production designers working in the international live event, touring and television business.

Mark has gained a wealth of experience within the music and entertainment industry, having started his career in London’s West End over 25 years ago. His passion for live entertainment grew from his theatrical beginnings and he has since developed a career as a designer working with many of today’s top international artists including Michael Jackson, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, Sir Tom Jones, Ed Sheeran, David Bowie, Bryan Adams, AC/DC and REM.

Mark has just returned from Madonna’s MDNA tour where he worked closely with the artist as her Lighting Director, taking the award winning show from rehearsals in New York, to a sell-out World Tour playing four continents.

His most recent work has involved lighting & production designs for Ed Sheeran, Steps, Sir Tom Jones, and Stevie Wonder on their sell-out World Tours and was the Lighting Director on Michael Jackson’s ‘This is It’ production before the star’s untimely death in 2009.

In addition to the live format, Mark has extensive experience in the production of High Definition video recordings and as Lighting Director he has been responsible for capturing the true essence of several of his artists’ live performances.

Mark’s varied experience in the field of performance presentation has allowed him to specialise in the artistic requirements of production design and develop new and unconventional methods of lighting & visual creativity. Mark is considered to be a creative leader with great vision and is valued for producing innovative and well-crafted designs that represent the core essence and goals of his clients